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HDD & CBM Mud Recycling System

\GN Solids Control is the No.1 HDD&CBM Mud recycling system supplier for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP), within last 7 years, GN has already supplied over 50 Sets mud recycling system to CPP. GN Solids Control is also the supplier for top HDD rig manufactuer in USA and China. GN has over 20 sets mud recycling system working in Australia for CBM drilling, HDD and water well drilling.

GN has series product for the standardized mud recycling system, the D series is economy configuration, and the G series is high configuration .The D series is available for mud recycling function, but without the storage and mud mixing function .It needs to match mud storage and mud mixing devices to make a complete system. And the G series mud recycling system is a self contained packaged system with the function for mud cleaning, mud storage and mud mixing. Moreover the G Series mud cleaning capability is bigger the G series. The G series product is made for top level projects. This brochure will show you the G series mud recycling system.

G Series Mud Recycling Models:

  • GNMS-200G Capacity: 200GPM,50m³/h
  • GNMS-500B/G/GL Capacity: 500GPM,120m³/h
  • GNMS-1000G Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h
  • GNMS-1000GL Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h

GN Self-Contained Mud System Main Applications:

  • Trenchless HDD Project
  • CBM drilling, or Thermal Well drilling
  • Tunnel Boring Machine or Bored Pile Project.
  • Diamond drilling, water well drilling etc.

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G Series Self-Contained Mud Recycling System Models

Model Capacity Screen Area Separation Stage Tank Volume Total Power Total Weight Land Transport Dimension (mm)
GNMS-200G 50m3/h (200GPM) 2.2 ㎡ 2 Stage 5m3 25KW 5.5t L4000×W2285×H2632
GNMS-350G 80m3/h(350GPM) 4.35 ㎡ 2 Stage 9.5m3 54KW 9.5t L6000xW2350×H3310
GNMS-500B 120m3/h(500GPM) 4.35 ㎡ 2 Stage 9.5m3 54KW 10t L6000xW2350×H3310
GNMS-500G 120m3/h(500GPM) 5.2 ㎡ 3 Stage 15.5m3 125Kw 16.5t L10000×W2418×H3442
GNMS-500GL 120m3/h(500GPM) 5.2 ㎡ 3 Stage 24.5m3 134Kw 18.5t L12192×W2582×H3442
GNMS-1000G 240m3/h(1000GPM) 7.8 ㎡ 3 Stage 30.4m3 184Kw 20t L12192xW2600xH3300
GNMS-1000GL 240m3/h(1000GPM) 10.4 ㎡ 3 Stage 33m3

GNMS-200G Self Contained Mud Recycling System

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GNMS-500G Self Contained Mud Recycling System

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HDD & CBM Mud Recycling System Features & Benefits

  • Complete line Mud System: GNMS-200G / GNMS-350G / GNMS-500B / GNMS-500G / GNMS-500GL / GNMS-1000G / GNMS-1000GL Self-Contained Mud System.
  • Cost Effective Equipments integration:Complete drilling mud equipments from a single source-GN Solids Control Factory.
  • Fast moved compact system:Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.
  • Assured customer service:We can send our experienced engineers for installation,and training up customer engineers.
  • Mud Tanks Flexible Options:Skid Mounted or Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling Tanks available for your options.
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